Zanskar Adventure Trek 

Departure Dates 2023/2024 – 30 July, 20 August, 10 September
18 Day Trek – Grade A

This hard, but exciting trek, ventures deep into Zanskar crossing many passes (two are over 5000m), wild streams and trekking through isolated gorges and valleys. This trek takes in stunning views of the Zanskar and Ladakh ranges and takes us through villages that are inhabited by extremely friendly people who have preserved their Buddhist culture and heritage. You will see amazing wildlife, including wild donkeys and ibex (and if lucky a snow leopard), and the shepherds who graze their herds on these beautiful high altitude slopes and meadows.

Day 1 – Drive to Kargil (overnight hotel)
Day 2 – Drive to Rangdum
Day 3 – Rangdum – acclimation
Day 4 – Trek to Kanji base
Day 5 – Trek to Kanji high camp (over Kanji la pass 5200m)
Day 6 – Trek to Kanji village and camp at Yogmala base
Day 7 – Trek to Shilakong (over Yogma la pass 4700m)
Day 8 – Trek to Wanla
Day 9 – Trek to Honupatta (over Sisir la pass 4700m)
Day 10 – Trek to Photaskar
Day 11 – Trek to Singge la base
Day 12 – Trek to Lingshet (over Singge la pass 5100m)
Day 13 – Trek to Nyesste (over Honumala pass 4800m)
Day 14 – Trek to Honuma (over Purfi la pass 4200m)
Day 15 – Trek to Pishu
Day 16 – Trek to Karsha
Day 17 – Trek to Padam
Day 18 – Drive to Kargil (overnight hotel)
Day 19 – Drive to Srinagar or Leh

Wild Zanskar

14 Day Trek – Grade A
Departure Dates 2023/2024 –1 September, 20 September

High in the Indian Himalaya on the Tibetan Plateau, this region is more like ancient Tibet than Tibet itself. You can still experience the religious rituals and the monastery centred lifestyles that have disappeared from Chinese occupied Tibet. The trek crosses three passes over 5000m and numerous rivers. And incredible wilderness.

Day 1 – Drive to Kargil (overnight hotel)
Day 2 – Drive to Padam
Day 3 – Trek to Karsha
Day 4 – Trek to Zangla
Day 5 – Trek to Charchar la base
Day 6 – Trek to Gorge camp (over Charchar la pass 5100m)
Day 7 – Trek to Tilat sumdo
Day 8 – Trek to Rubrang la base
Day 9 – Trek to Markha (over Rubrang la pass 5100m)
Day 10 – Trek to Nimaling
Day 11 – Rest and explore
Day 12 – Trek Chogdo (over Kongmaru la pass 5030m)
Day 13 – Trek to Hemis – camp
Day 14 – Drive to Leh (overnight hotel)
Day 15 – End of trip

Zanskar, about 36 kilometres south east of Rangdum, just across the Penzila (4390m) watershed, begins the most ravishing of the trans-Himalayan valleys. Spread over 5000 sq kilometres, Zanskar has a sparse population of Indo-Tibetan descent.

The geographical inaccessibility and the esoteric nature of Buddhism practised here gave the inhabitants the freedom to preserve and perpetuate their cultural identity. So that today Zanskar is one of the least interfered with microcosms of Ladakh and one of the last surviving culture satellites of Tibet.

Within the mountain ramparts of the valley stand some ancient yet active monastic establishments. Close observation of the living conditions evokes administration for a people who learnt to live in tune with nature.

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