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Snow Leopard Expeditions is a specialist adventure holiday operator in the Indian Himalayas. Our treks are special. I have been guiding treks in the India Himalayas for over 15 years. I personally get involved with every aspect of planning and I lead most of our trips. One of the unique aspects of our trips is that the groups are small. We get to know the local people and from them we acquire a better understanding of the places we visit. I have tried to create the type of organised trek I want to go on. I give you adventure while still respecting the customs of local culture. I use the highest quality equipment, staff and travel, simply but comfortably, and I make certain that safety is never compromised. I seek adventure and fun, not luxury. This less expensive mode of travel will allow you a more intimate experience of the Himalayan people and their land. Throughout this website I have given an example of some of my favourite treks. I am more than happy to tailor a trek to suit your trekking ability and interests.

Manzoor Billoo

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